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Snowmobile Drive Belt | ACDelco

ACDelco Specialty Premium Snowmobile Belts are designed to meet the toughest rider demands and hyper sled action. They offer better fit and flexibility using advanced composite technology and give top performance even at -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 degrees Celsius).


  • Has aramid cords for strength and flexibility
  • Gives top performance even at -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 degrees Celsius)
  • Has maximum clutch efficiency to provide extra-long life and dependability in deep powder or hard-pack conditions




Ensures the synchronization of the engine’s camshaft, crankshaft, distributor (if equipped) and water pump. Transfers power from the crankshaft to the alternator.

Signs of Wear & Troubleshooting:

  • Rubber Loss (most common belt wear). A belt wear gauge measures rubber loss, which can result in reduced power transfer from the crank to the accessories.
  • Glazing: Shiny spots can indicate a slipping belt that isn’t properly transferring power to accessories.
  • Pilling: Worn rubber can fill in grooves and cause noise, heat, vibration and excessive wear.
  • Abrasion: Wear along the side could indicate misalignment due to a failed tensioner.
  • Cracking: Older neoprene belts crack as they near the end of their life cycle and often need to be replaced.
  • Engine stops or backfires.
  • The belt is producing a squealing noise.
  • Headlights dim while driving.
  • Loss of battery charge.


Good Maintenance Practices:

  • Do not use belt dressings to stop belt slippage or noise. These are oil based and may cause belt deterioration.
  • Never twist a belt more than 90 degrees during inspection. This may damage the tensile cords and cause premature failure.
  • Replace V-belts after 3 to 4 years, or every 36,000 miles to 48,000 miles.
  • Use an approved tension gauge to check belt tension.
  • Check for proper belt tension after 500 miles to 1,000 miles following belt installation. Recheck often, at least twice a year or every 6,000 miles.



Could a non-automotive belt tear during use?

  • Yes, this may be indicative of an alignment issue.

Will I know immediately if a non-automotive belt tears?

  • Yes, you may lose power or stall out.

Are there steps I can take to ensure a longer non-automotive belt life?

  • Yes, ensure that proper tension is applied and pulleys are aligned during installation. Leading causes of belt failure are improper tension and misaligned pulleys. Both these conditions cause excessive heat which leads to belt failure.

Is there a way to repair a torn non-automotive belt?

  • No, when the belt backing has been torn or cracked, the belt should be replaced.

Can I use the same non-automotive belt for multiple uses?

  • No, use the belt in the way it’s listed in the ACDelco Belts and Hoses Catalog.


Limited Warranty:

Limited Lifetime as long as original purchaser owns vehicle.*


*To the original retail purchaser. Parts only; installation not included. See your local retailer or Independent Service Center that offers ACDelco parts for details.

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