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Marine Battery & RV Battery | ACDelco Voyager Battery

Keep your warm-weather recreation going. Featuring thermoplastic reinforced plates for protection against shorting and corrosion-resistant lead/calcium alloy for increased cycle life, the ACDelco Voyager Battery is built to last in your boat, personal watercraft, motor home or RV. Voyager Batteries are 100% pressure tested for leak-proof performance, and select deep-cycle models have a built-in “Green Eye” hydrometer. The 18-month free-replacement period under our limited warranty* gives peace of mind.


  • 100% pressure tested to help avoid future leaks and for added strength and rigidity
  • Thermoplastic reinforced plates help increase protection against plate shorting for improved durability.
  • Built-in “Green Eye” hydrometer on certain deep-cycle batteries.
  • Both positive and negative grids are lead/calcium alloy to maximize corrosion resistance, increase cycle life and reduce water consumption for battery durability.


Supplies the energy needed to start the engine, provides the current to operate the accessories when the vehicle is not running and protects the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) from high-voltage surges.

Did You Know?

Most vehicle breakdowns are due to one of five causes:

  • Out of gas
  • Stalled/Engine won’t start
  • Dead battery
  • Flat tire
  • Overheated engine

Most of these breakdowns can be avoided through the following measures:

  1. Periodic mechanical checkups, especially when engine stalling, hard starting or other such symptoms are occurring.
  2. Regular tire inspection to spot damage, unusual wear or under-inflation that can lead to a failure.
  3. Seasonal checks and preventive maintenance of the cooling system.
  4. Be sure the gas cap is on tight after filling up to safeguard against condensation in the tank. If moisture in the gas line freezes, the engine can stall.

Also, having a cellular phone or portable CB radio is of great benefit while traveling.

What It Does:

The Starting and Charging System starts the engine, maintains the battery’s charge and provides power to the electrical accessories while the engine is running.

Service & Maintenance:

  • Inspect the battery cables and posts for good connections and/or signs of corrosion. Clean them if needed.
  • Check all vehicle lights – including headlamps, turn signals, brake lamps and emergency flashers – to be sure they are operating at full brightness.
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