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Fuel Filter: Professional Inline Fuel Filter | ACDelco

Easy to install and featuring greater capacity than many competitors’ products, ACDelco Professional In-Line Fuel Filters offer superior performance. (12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty*)


  1. Threaded and tube-type fittings allow easy installation in metal or rubber fuel lines.
  2. Resin-impregnated, pleated paper filtering media delivers increased filtering capacity.



Find out more about ACDelco Professional In-Line Fuel Filters and how they fit into the Filtration System with the product facts below.


Traps fuel contaminants before they enter the engine’s fuel delivery system.

Signs of Wear:

Rough-running engine, poor acceleration, decreased fuel economy, decreased power at high road speeds.

What It Does:

The Filtration System prevents contaminants from entering the engine and transmission while allowing enough fluid or airflow to keep them running properly.

Service & Maintenance:

Replacing your vehicle’s filters on a regularly scheduled basis will help the vehicle run better and last longer. (Refer to your Owner’s Manual for your vehicle’s specific filter change intervals.) Clean filters contribute to better fuel economy and reduced vehicle operating costs.

*Whichever comes first. To the original retail purchaser. Parts only; installation not included. See your local retailer or Independent Service Center that offers ACDelco Parts for details.

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