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ACDelco Advantage Wheel Bearings

ACDelco Advantage Replacement Wheel Bearings

ACDelco Advantage Wheel Bearings are an economical replacement component for your GM vehicle. These bearings, which allow the wheel to rotate with minimal friction, contain tapered roller, straight roller or ball-bearing elements depending on vehicle-specific application. Wheel bearings support the weight of the vehicle and are lubricated with axle oil or wheel bearing grease. These dependable wheel bearings offer quality at an economical price.


  • Dependable replacement
  • Economically priced
  • Provides the performance you expect from ACDelco


Good Maintenance Practices:

  • Be sure to have the bearing properly aligned when pressing it into the spindle assembly, and do not overtighten center-hub bearing to constant velocity shaft nut.


Signs of Wear & Troubleshooting:

Replace or service the wheel bearing when it displays visible signs of wear or failure, such as:

  • Grinding or humming noise from bearing assembly maybe noticeable while turning
  • Tire and wheel vibration
  • Excessive play at tire and wheel
  • Wheel is hot to the touch



Are there specifications I should check to see how tight the center-hub bearing attachment nut should be?

  • Yes. The nut should be torqued to the specifications found in the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.

Can a wheel bearing overheat?

  • Yes. Loss of lubricant can cause bearings to overheat and cause damage to the bearing.


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