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Professional Power Steering Hose | ACDelco

High-quality ACDelco Professional Power Steering Hoses are specially designed to perform in high-temperature areas and resist leaks.


  • Silver heat guard helps protect the hose in high-temperature areas.
  • Fluid restrictors help absorb vibration and help reduce noise.
  • Double-lock beading with barbed tube end provides crimping and assists in leak prevention.


Find out more about ACDelco Professional Power Steering Hoses and how they fit into the Rack-and-Pinion System with the product facts below.


Carries pressurized fluid from the power steering pump to the steering assembly in order to turn the wheels to the left or right.

Signs of Wear:

Worn or leaking hose, difficult steering.

Did You Know?

Power steering is really “power-assisted” steering. It allows you to steer your vehicle manually when the engine is not running or if a failure occurs in the power source. Over the years, power steering has become standard on many vehicles. In fact, consumer demand for this system has resulted in it being used in more than 90% of all new cars produced in the U.S. and Canada.

What It Does:

The Steering System enables you to steer your vehicle in the desired direction. There are two basic types of Steering Systems; a Rack-and-Pinion System and a Conventional/Integral Steering Gear System, also known as “recirculating ball.” Rack-and-Pinion Systems are the most commonly used today. The steering shaft turns a gear that moves the “rack” side-to-side, thereby turning the vehicle’s wheels. Conventional/Integral Steering Gear Systems are used more often on trucks. With this design, the steering-wheel shaft connects to a gear assembly and a series of links/arms that turn the wheels to the left or right.

Service & Maintenance:

Check power steering fluid levels periodically and add fluid when necessary. Have your vehicle inspected if it exhibits any of the following symptoms:

  • Unusual noise when turning the steering wheel.
  • A shimmy or shake in the steering wheel.
  • Heavy or unresponsive steering at low speeds or during parking lot maneuvers.
  • The steering wheel does not return to center properly.

If you live in areas that experience harsh winter weather, have the entire Steering System inspected before winter arrives to help ensure safer driving

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