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AC Compressor Oil & AC Oil | ACDelco

ACDelco Air Conditioning Compressor Oil is a 525 SAE mineral oil universal for all R-12 systems.


  • 525 SAE mineral oil formula for use in all R-12 systems
  • High-quality formula to help keep your air conditioning system running smoothly
  • 12-pack. Part No.15-117

Signs of Wear & Troubleshooting:

One cause of poor air conditioning (A/C) performance is compressor failure. There are two main reasons why A/C compressors fail:

  • Contamination: If poor A/C performance is the result of compressor oil contamination, empty and flush the A/C system, then refill with new oil and refrigerant.
  • Low oil levels: Oil can break down or leak out of the A/C system over time. If this is the cause of poor A/C performance, then it is important to refill with new oil.

Good Maintenance Practices:

  • It is important to use the correct amount of compressor oil in your A/C system; too much or too little may compromise A/C system performance and compressor life.
  • Always use the correct compressor oil for your air conditioning system. Using the wrong compressor oil can harm the entire cooling system.


Can I use polyolester (POE) compressor oil in my A/C system that requires polyalkylene glycol (PAG) oil?

• No, the moisture count is too low in POE compressor oil and will not properly protect A/C systems that require PAG oil.

Do I need to change my A/C compressor oil?

• No, compressor oil will only need to be serviced if it is contaminated or the fluid has leaked out.

Do I need to flush my A/C system when I change my compressor oil?

• No, it is only necessary to flush out the system if the system is contaminated. Then the system will need to be flushed before it is refilled with refrigerant and oil.

Do I need special tools to change my compressor oil?

• Yes, in almost all cases, the ACDelco Oil Injector Kit J45037 will be required for newer vehicles or when you don’t want to lose refrigerant.

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