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High Temperature Grease | ACDelco

ACDelco High-Temperature Grease is an ivory-colored, high-temperature grease with a special blend of lithium complex thickening agents, petroleum oils and special lubricity additives. It is a high-quality grease suitable for both medium-and high-temperature applications. The water-resistant ACDelco High-Temperature Grease is ideal for wheel bearing applications. As of February 2015, this product is now available in all Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) states.


  • Aides in lubricity for additional anti-wear support
  • Additional lubrication helps quiet noisy parts
  • Water repellent, including saltwater, for additional protection against water washout
  • Resists rust and corrosion for additional component protection
  • Part No. 10-4048

Signs of Wear & Troubleshooting:

A squeak or screech from a vehicle door when it opens, gas cap hinges, tailgate hinges or other components of the vehicle that rub together could be a sign that the parts require lubrication or greasing. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for vehicle components that may require greasing or lubrication.

Good Maintenance Practices:

Refer to your Owner’s Manual for areas which require greasing or lubrication. Possible areas are key lock cylinders, hood hinges, liftgate hinges and the fuel door hinge.


Is ACDelco Multi-Purpose Grease (Aerosol) or ACDelco High-Temperature Grease safe for use on plastic components?

  • Yes, these products are safe to use on most plastics when small quantities are applied.


Does ACDelco Multi-Purpose Grease (Aerosol) or ACDelco High-Temperature Grease have a specific application?

  • No, these products can be used in most any application where moving parts require lubrication. Door hinges and latches are the most common usage.


Do I need to clean off the grease previously applied to my vehicle components before adding new ACDelco grease?

  • No, the previously applied grease does not have to be removed as long as the new grease can penetrate the space between the moving parts.


Are all greases compatible with each other?

  • No, most greases have specific or preferred usages. Mixing greases can reduce the overall performance of the product.


Do I need to routinely lubricate my vehicle components?

  • Yes, routine lubrication is a good practice that can reduce the chances of rust and squeaks and prolong trouble-free vehicle use.
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