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Lubriplate: Synthetic Lubriplate Lubricant | ACDelco

ACDelco Synthetic Multi-Purpose Lubriplate Lubricant is intended for transmission slip yoke applications. It has excellent shear stability, load carrying capacity and ferrous corrosion protection. This product is also water-resistant. Use ACDelco Synthetic Multi-Purpose Lubriplate Lubricant only on two-wheel-drive vehicles with four-speed automatic transmissions. Do not use on two-wheel-drive vehicles with six-speed transmissions or any four-wheel-drive vehicles.


  • Water-resistant lubricant specially designed for transmission slip yoke applications
  • Excellent shear stability, load carrying capacity and ferrous corrosion protection
  • High-quality formulas to help keep your vehicle’s components running smoothly
  • Part No. 10-4063

Signs of Wear & Troubleshooting

  • Indications that your vehicle components are in need of lubrication include nagging squeaks and rattles as well as vibration while driving
  • Lubricants can also address squeaky and sticking latches and joints in places such as doors, hoods, tailgates and trunks
  • Lubricants that create a wet film are most useful in exterior applications with high friction and metal-to-metal contact, whereas those that create a dry film are best for interior applications where they may come in contact with upholstery, clothing, etc.


Good Maintenance Practices:

  • Do not mix with other lubricants



Do synthetic lubricants provide significant advantages over petroleum-based?

  • Yes, synthetic lubricants are often better at very hot or very cold temperatures. Synthetic lubricants can also be more resistant to washout from exposure to water.


Do I need to clean off old lubricant and/or grease before applying this product?

  • No, clean the area only if the old lubricant is contaminating other surfaces. Old lubricant does not have to be cleaned off because the new product will only add to the protection.


Can I use a combination of two types of lubricants and/or greases on the same component where they may come in contact with each other?

  • Yes, different lubricants can sometimes be combined. However, it is best to use only one type of lubricant to obtain the most consistent results.


Is it easy to remove this product from my vehicle components, if necessary?

  • Yes, most lubricants can be removed with a cloth or rag. Do not use other solvents or cleaners because the new application of lubricant may be negatively impacted by the cleaner solvents.
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