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Nozzle Diesel Exhaust Fluid | ACDelco

To assist with ease of use when adding DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) to your vehicle, ACDelco offers the ACDelco Diesel Exhaust Fluid Nozzle. This nozzle is specially designed and available in two sizes to fit ACDelco Diesel Exhaust Fluid 1-and 2.5-gallon containers. It makes it easier to cleanly and correctly fill the DEF tank to avoid spillage. Due to the extreme chemical sensitivity of DEF, DO NOT use nozzle with other products.


  • The vented design of the nozzle makes pouring easy by helping to prevent glugging
  • It is the same nozzle as originally packaged with ACDelco Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Designed to be an exact fit to ACDelco Diesel Exhaust Fluid containers, and is available for either the 1-gallon or 2.5-gallon sized containers
  • 1 gallon. Part No. 10-424
  • 2.5 gallons. Part No. 10-425

Signs of Wear & Troubleshooting

  • If your vehicle engine shuts down shortly after refilling the DEF tank, it could be a sign that DEF was added into the diesel fuel tank.
  • In this case, the vehicle must be taken immediately to a qualified service provider for repairs
  • Follow the dashboard display warning of low diesel exhaust fluid to know when to add more.
  • Failure to do so could result in very low, limited available speed from the vehicle’s engine before the addition of a minimum amount of Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Like water, Diesel Exhaust Fluid will freeze and expand at 12 degrees Fahrenheit/-11 degrees Celsius. To prevent damage from freezing, do not fill the reservoir more than recommended and do not store fluid outdoors or in a garage if freezing temperatures are expected.


Good Maintenance Practices:

If your Diesel Exhaust Fluid nozzle becomes contaminated with other chemicals, discard and use a new one for your next diesel exhaust fluid application


Can NOx harm the environment?

  • Yes, nitrous oxides (NOx) are byproducts of combustion that can lead to the generation of atmospheric smog when in high enough concentrations.


Is it required by law to use diesel exhaust fluid with my diesel engine?

  • No, though diesel exhaust fluid is currently one of the most popular methods for controlling diesel exhaust pollutants.
  • Diesel exhaust fluid must be used for those vehicles that are manufactured with Selective Catalytic Reduction technology.


Do I mix diesel exhaust fluid with my engine oil or other engine components?

  • No, diesel exhaust fluid must never be mixed with any other fluid. It must never be diluted with water.


Is there a way to check if ACDelco Diesel Exhaust Fluid is recommended for my vehicle?

  • Yes. Though ACDelco DEF meets all OEM quality standards for vehicles using Selective Catalytic Reduction technology, check your Owner's Manual to confirm that you require DEF for your vehicle.


Do I need to change my diesel exhaust fluid?

  • No, diesel exhaust fluid is never changed; it is burned just like diesel fuel. The DEF tank will need to be refilled at approximately the same frequency as an oil change.


Do all diesel engines require the same amount of DEF?

  • No, diesel exhaust fluid usage varies by driving style, fuel mileage and miles driven. Be prepared to refill the tank when the 1000-mile warning is displayed.



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