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Coolant System Fluorescent Tracer Dye | ACDelco

ACDelco Coolant System Fluorescent Tracer Dye is a fluorescent leak-detection dye for traditional coolant systems. This fluorescent tracer dye quickly pinpoints the exact location of coolant fluid leaks. It is a safe and easy method that helps eliminate guesswork, save labor and speed up service. ACDelco Coolant System Fluorescent Tracer Dye may also be used to isolate power steering system leaks. ACDelco Coolant System Fluorescent Tracer Dye can be used with DEX-COOL coolants, but it may change the color of the coolants.


  • Designed to quickly pinpoint leaks in traditional coolant systems
  • Fluorescent dye assists with visual leak detection to eliminate guesswork
  • Easy method of leak detection to save on labor and speed up service
  • Part No. 10-5057

Signs of Wear & Troubleshooting:

Any of the following symptoms could be a sign of a coolant leak:

  • A puddle under your car in the same color as your coolant
  • A sweet smell, like butterscotch, cinnamon or maple syrup, coming from your vehicle
  • White smoke issuing from the exhaust

To detect the exact location of the coolant leak before it becomes a severe problem, use ACDelco Coolant System Fluorescent Tracer Dye.

Good Maintenance Practices:

Can be used with DEX-COOL but may change the color of the coolant. For dye that will not change long life coolant color use ACDelco Coolant System Tracer Dye.


If I modified my air conditioning system to a different refrigerant (i.e. R-12 to R-134a or R-1234yf), should I use tracer oil for the old system specifications?

  • No, the tracer material used should be compatible with the fluids/materials used in the modified system.

Can I use fluorescent tracer dye for leak detection?

  • Yes, tracer dye is a great tool for leak detection. The dye will be found in the area where the leak is present.

Do I need to flush the system after using fluorescent tracer dye?

  • No, tracer dye can remain in the system after the work has been completed.

Do ACDelco Tracer/Dye products always require a special applicator?

  • No, most tracer dyes can be easily added to the system reservoir. However, dyes for AC systems will have to be added using special tools to prevent the further loss of refrigerant when looking for a leak.

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