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Medium-Body Seam-Sealing Compound | ACDelco

ACDelco Medium Body Seam-Sealing Compound is a high-performance seam and joint sealer with excellent adhesion to most surfaces. It is water resistant, stays permanently flexible and withstands weathering, oxidation, salt water, gasoline and most solvents. This product is safe to use on automotive paint. ACDelco Medium Body Seam-Sealing Compound should not be applied near catalytic convertors and mufflers, due to extreme heat conditions.


  • Fast curing and skins over quickly—can be painted 60 minutes after application
  • Can be used for all sealing and adhesive applications with a standard caulking gun in both vertical and horizontal joints
  • Flexible, non-staining and non-sagging product that will not crack or shrink
  • Part No. 10-2013

Signs of Wear & Troubleshooting:

ACDelco General Sealants can be used for a variety of vehicle applications. Overall, these products provide an effective solution for leaks, cracks and imperfections on numerous components throughout your vehicle. ACDelco offers an expansive sealant line that includes a variety of specialized products for specific purposes.

Good Maintenance Practices:

  • Good seam sealing can be a huge contributor to prolonging the life of your vehicle. Most rust problems on a vehicle will start in the seams.
  • Proper application of a seam sealer is extremely important. Seam sealers keep out moisture, but can also keep it in if applied improperly. The area to be sealed should be carefully cleaned with a solvent before seam sealer is used. When applying the product, make sure that the entire seam is covered. Even small gaps can let water in over time, which may cause severe rot and rust on the seam or joint.


Do I need to prepare the surfaces to be bonded before using ACDelco General Sealants?

  • Yes, before applying sealant the surfaces must be clean and free of rust. The sealant can be applied directly onto paint.


Do I need to use a primer before applying ACDelco General Sealants?

  • No, use of primer before applying sealant is not required.


Can ACDelco General Sealants be used for nonautomotive applications?

  • Yes, this product is not limited to automotive applications and can be used for nonautomotive applications. This product, however, is not a replacement for gasket products.


Are there any vehicle components I should never use ACDelco General Sealants on?

  • Yes, this product should not be used on parts exposed to high temperatures, such as engine manifolds, exhausts and catalytic converters.
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