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From a gas line de-icer to a carburetor tune-up conditioner, ACDelco can provide treatments that are both easy to use and effective in removing performance-robbing deposits.

Part 1051516
Gas Line De-Icer (1 quart)

  • Is safe for use in fuel-injected vehicles
  • Contains a specially formulated additive which absorbs any condensation or moisture buildup in the gas tank or gas lines
  • Helps minimize problems associated with winter driving

Part X66-A
Carburetor Tune-Up Conditioner – Aerosol
(13 oz.)

Part X66-P
Carburetor Tune-Up Conditioner (1 pint)

ACDelco Carburetor Tune-Up Conditioner

Part X66-Q
Carburetor Tune-Up Conditioner (1 quart)

  • Is easy to use – just slowly pour or spray through the carburetor performance engine
  • Works effectively on a variety of engine types, from small engines to high-compression V-8s
  • This peak performance cleaner:
    • Eliminates deposits in carburetor intake, intake manifold and combustion chambers
    • Frees valves more effectively
    • Restores compression losses caused by deposits
    • Contains rust preventive
    • Will not harm painted surfaces under normal conditions
    • Maintains the engine cleanliness necessary for peak performance
    • Removes carbon from inside the engine without adverse effects on emission controls
    • Cleans clogged fuel injectors when used in injector cleaning devices
    • Makes tune-up adjustment faster and easier
    • Helps reduce the number of comebacks

ACDelco Fuel System Treatment

Part 10-3000
Fuel System Treatment (12 oz.)

This one-tank injector cleanup package provides the following benefits:

  • Fuel injectors will be cleaned to perform at OEM specifications
  • Intake valve deposits will be significantly reduced
  • Reduced octane requirement, due to combustion chamber cleaning
  • Reduced exhaust emissions, due to deposit removals
  • No adverse effect on engine oil quality

ACDelco Cooling System Radiator Seal Tabs

Part 10-108
Cooling System Radiator Seal Tabs

Even a minor cooling system leak can be a major problem. But there is a solution: Cooling System Radiator Seal Tabs. These tabs:

  • Form a permanent seal inside leaking radiators
  • Can prevent many leaks before they occur
  • Will not wash away or fall off when the system is drained
  • Are compatible with all metals and elements in modern cooling systems
  • Will not get in solution with antifreeze or other cooling system additives
  • Can be used with DEX-COOL

Part WF110L
AC Corrosion Inhibitor Pre-charge (16 oz.)

  • Is the most heavy-duty supplemental coolant additive available
  • Has been field-tested
  • Offers long-lasting, reliable protection
  • Protects aluminum components and solder joints from corrosion
  • Has a high antifreeze compatibility rating
  • Resists cooling system oil fouling
  • Prevents cast-iron and steel corrosion
  • Prevents liner scaling
  • Prolongs water pump seal life
ACDelco General Assembly Adhesive

Part 10-2003
General Assembly Adhesive

  • One-component RTV sealer
  • High viscosity
  • Superior adhesion and elongation properties
  • Oxygen-sensor safe
  • High oil resistance