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From radiator anti-rust and water pump lubricant to a special ACDelco Super Lube, ACDelco ensures that everything runs smoothly.

ACDelco Radiator Anti-Rust & Water Pump Lubricant

Part X40
Radiator Anti-Rust & Water Pump Lubricant (11 oz.)

  • Is an effective rust and corrosion inhibitor that neutralizes acid
  • Helps prevent friction and wear at the water pump seals
  • Is safe for rubber and metal parts

ACDelco Distributor Cam Lubricant

Part U1901
Distributor Cam Lubricant (3 oz.)

  • Uses scientific formula containing Bentone
  • Prolongs life of contact sets
  • Provides positive lubrication
  • Maintains lubrication under extremely high or low temperatures

ACDelco E.O.S. Assembly Lubricant

Part 10-106
E.O.S. Assembly Lubricant (1 pint)

  • Is specially formulated as an engine assembly lubricant
  • Provides protection against run-in wear and piston scuffing
  • Is not recommended for use as an additive for engine oil

ACDelco Anti-Seize Lubricant

Part 10-102
Anti-Seize Lubricant (4 oz.)

  • Applies as a liquid and becomes a dry film, making installation easier
  • Is oxygen-sensor safe
  • Is non-greasy
  • Is air-drying
  • Can withstand 2400o F

ACDelco DEXRON III Transmission Fluid

Part 10-118
Transmission Fluid DEXRON® III (1 quart)

Part 10-119
Transmission Fluid DEXRON III (1 gal.)

  • Is formulated from selected highly refined base oils with a specially balanced additive combination
  • Is recommended for all transmissions requiring DEXRON® ATF
  • Features excellent low temperature fluidity for good cold-start shifting
  • Offers protection against rust, corrosion and wear
  • Promises excellent shift quality throughout service life

ACDelco Wheel Bearing Lubricant

Part 10-4001
Wheel Bearing Lubricant – Tub

  • Contains a special blend of lithium complex thickening agents, oils and lubricants
  • Uses high-quality grease that is suitable for medium- and high-temperature applications
  • Resists water washout
  • Protects against high temperatures
  • Keeps parts well-lubricated, and helps control noise

ACDelco Limited Slip Axle Lubricant Additive

Part 10-4003
Limited Slip Axle Lubricant Additive

  • Reduces rear axle noise and friction
  • Required for limited slip axles in passenger cars
  • Keeps metal surfaces free from sludge and varnish
  • Protects seals from carbon deposits

ACDelco D.P.L. Moisture Displacing Lubricant

Part 10-4004
D.P.L. Moisture Displacing Lubricant

  • Has a clear and clean appearance
  • Displaces moisture, breaks down rust and quiets squeaks
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection
  • Helps keep wires dry

ACDelco Manual Transmission Fluid

Part 10-4005
Manual Transmission Fluid

  • 5W30
  • General-purpose oil for certain manual transmissions and transaxles
  • Excellent coating and lubricating properties
  • Able to withstand temperature variations

ACDelco Synchromesh Transmission Fluid

Part 10-4006
Synchromesh Transmission Fluid

  • Partially synthetic
  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • High-and-low temperature-resistant
  • For manual transmissions

ACDelco Dielectric Silicone Grease

Part 10-4007
Dielectric Silicone Grease

  • Silica-thickened dimethyl silicone fluid
  • Broad temperature range
  • Oxidation and radiation resistant
  • Water resistant

ACDelco High Temperature Grease

Part 10-4009
High Temperature Grease

  • Designed for high-temperature applications
  • Contains petroleum oil, special lubricating additives and thickening elements
  • Resists freshwater and saltwater

ACDelco Super Lube

Part 10-4011
Super Lube

  • Synthetic-based lubricant that outlasts petroleum-based lubricants
  • Only suspended PTFE lubricant available
  • Rated NLGI #2 by the National Lubricating Grease Institute
  • Does not contain silicone
  • Is nontoxic and odorless
  • High dielectric strength
  • Won't drip, run or evaporate
  • Prevents rust and corrosion while reducing friction
  • Is temperature-resistant and saltwater proof

ACDelco Synchromesh Manual Transmission Fluid

Part 10-4014
Synchromesh Manual Transmission Fluid (Friction Modified)

  • Contains a semi-synthetic lubricant compatible for use in NV 1500 transmissions
  • Reduces transmission component wear

ACDelco Synthetic Rear-Axle Lubricant

Part 10-4016
Synthetic Rear-Axle Lubricant

  • SAE 75W-90
  • Fully synthetic
  • Superior oxidation and thermal stability
  • Long-life fluid
  • Grape scent

ACDelco Auto Trak II

Part 10-4017
Auto Trak II

  • Recommended for GM® four-wheel drives with automatic transfer cases
  • Withstands extended high-temperature operation
  • Improved oxidation resistance extends life

ACDelco Rear-Axle Lubricant

Part 10-4002
Rear-Axle Lubricant

  • 80W90
  • Excellent axle durability
  • Compatible with limited slip friction modifiers
  • Compatible with seals and elastomers
  • Temperature-resistant and saltwater-proof