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ACDelco Heavy-Duty Battery

ACDelco Heavy-Duty batteries are in it for the long haul. For staying power in off-road vehicles and line-haul trucks or construction, tractor, marine, and industrial applications, get the battery that meets your demands.

700 cold-cranking amps. Rugged construction makes it the perfect choice for pickup and delivery or short-haul service vehicles, car carriers, emergency vehicles, buses, commercial car/ truck fleets, police, taxi and rental vehicles (1150/1151 models & 31TSFleet/31APFleet)
750 cold-cranking amps for starting power. Great for large diesel engines. Also helps start these vehicles in cold climates (1110/1111 models)
950 cold-cranking amps can power almost any big rig. Designed to handle extremely high initial cranking loads in the most severe conditions (31-900CT/31-901CT models)
For over-the-road truck applications, where "no idle" laws apply, we offer the 31TSFleet or 31APFleet that has higher reserve capacity and near AGM cycling but at a flooded lead acid battery price

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