Belts & Hoses

Belts & Hoses

Get your customer's engine moving right with ACDelco belts and hoses. Our line of belts and hoses is made out of quality and durable materials that stand up to our standards and yours and feature coverage for light- and heavy-duty applications.





ACDelco Professional Automotive Belts

Designed to meet or exceed OES performance requirements.

ACDelco Premium Belts

High-quality materials for excellent performance.

ACDelco Premium Snowmobile Belts

Kevlar® tensile cord for strength and durability.

ACDelco Fleetrunner Belts

Outstanding resistance to cracking and high temperatures.

ACDelco Professional Automotive Belt Tensioners and Pulleys

Steel pulleys resist dirt and salt.

ACDelco Professional Heavy-Duty Tensioners and Pulleys

Designed to exceed demanding duty cycles.

ACDelco Professional Timing Component Kits and Oil Seals

Designed to maximize convenience and efficiency.

ACDelco Unicoil Hose Bending Systems

Bends straight hose into virtually any shape.

ACDelco Specialty Belt and Hose Products

Built tough to handle the rigors of non-automotive uses.

ACDelco Professional Heavy-Duty Belt Tensioners and Pulleys

Designed to exceed demanding duty cycles found in the heavy-duty market.

ACDelco Premium Silicone Hose Clamps

Ideal replacement clamps for silicone-rubber and soft-hose applications.

ACDelco Premium Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

The ideal replacement clamp for corrosion-prone applications.

ACDelco Professional Automotive Coolant Hoses

Delivers long life performance, resists bending out of shape

ACDelco Premium Hoses

Two-ply construction delivers high-pressure and high-abrasion resistance.

ACDelco Professional Bulk Hose Products

Save money and inventory hassles.

ACDelco Professional Heavy-Duty Hoses

Available for a variety of automotive uses.

ACDelco Professional Hose Clamps

Ideal replacements for original equipment parts.





We offer four different classifications of products, to give you more choices and benefits.


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