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  • Provides proper cord support and full contact with the sheave-groove for uniform loading, uniform wear, and maximum/optimum belt life
  • Has flex-bonded cords that are strongly bonded to the body of the belt helping with equal load distribution and the absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration
  • The belt’s cover is a patented construction to help with cover life, providing protection to the core of the belt from oil, dirt, and heat
  • Meets RMA standards for static conductivity and heat and oil resistance


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ACDelco Specialty Premium Industrial Belts are best suited for use on special drives where space, weight, and horsepower capacity are critical. ACDelco Specialty Premium Industrial Belts provide proper cord support and full contact with the sheave-groove for uniform loading, uniform wear, and increased belt life.


Limited Lifetime Warranty*: ACDelco offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on specific service parts. General Motors warrants to the purchaser that it will replace these specific Genuine GM Parts and ACDelco parts for all manufacturer defects in workmanship and manufacturing. Effective on parts purchased April 1, 2018 and later to the original retail purchaser. Contact seller for limited warranty part details, qualifications, and possible labor coverage.


Learn more about ACDelco warranties: https://www.acdelco.com/auto-parts/warranty.html


Could a non-automotive belt tear during use?
Yes, this may be indicative of an alignment issue.

Will I know immediately if a non-automotive belt tears?
Yes, you may lose power or stall out.

Are there steps I can take to ensure a longer non-automotive belt life?
Yes, ensure that proper tension is applied and pulleys are aligned during installation. Leading causes of belt failure are improper tension and misaligned pulleys. Both these conditions cause excessive heat which leads to belt failure.

Is there a way to repair a torn non-automotive belt?
No, when the belt backing has been torn or cracked, the belt should be replaced.

Can I use the same non-automotive belt for multiple uses?
No, use the belt in the way it’s listed in the ACDelco belts and hoses catalog.


• Do not use belt dressings to stop belt slippage or noise. These are oil based and may cause belt deterioration.

• Never twist a belt more than 90 degrees during inspection. This may damage the tensile cords and cause premature failure.

• Replace V-belts after 3 to 4 years, or every 36,000 to 48,000 miles.

• Use an approved tension gauge to check belt tension.

• Check for proper belt tension after 500 to 1,000 miles following belt installation. Recheck often, at least twice a year or every 6,000 miles.




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