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  • The nylon core of the ACDelco Professional Oil filters are engineered with filtration to capture particulates as small as 30 microns.
  • Has a lubricity gasket for reduced installation torque.
  • Has a full cover baseplate for easy installation in blind applications.
  • Has a nylon core for high strength and great flow characteristics.
  • ACDelco Professional Oil Filter nylon core is one and half times stronger than filters with metal cores.
  • Synthetic end caps are ultrasonically welded to help prevent media blocked by adhesives used in traditional filters.


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ACDelco Oil Filters

ACDelco Professional Oil Filters are a high quality replacement ideal for many vehicles on the road today. Thermal bonding techniques and non-metallic end caps help optimize the overall seal as well as remove wasted media rendered non-functional by adhesives. This premium aftermarket replacement E oil filter is manufactured to meet your expectations for fit, form, and function.


24 Month/Unlimited Mile Limited Warranty*: Our most common Parts Warranty offers coverage on the majority of our Genuine GM Parts and ACDelco service replacement parts. Effective on parts purchased April 1, 2018 and later to the original retail purchaser. Contact seller for limited warranty part details, qualifications, and possible labor coverage.


Learn more about ACDelco warranties:


Do ACDelco Oil Filters meet GM OE specifications?

Yes, they meet performance requirements as dictated by GM Powertrain engineering.


Do I need a new filter every time I get an oil change?
Yes, having your oil and oil filter changed, at least as often as recommended by the manufacturer, is important.


Is there a proper way to recycle oil filters?
Yes, drain the oil out of the oil filter and bring the filter to a recycling center that accepts oil filters.


• Replacing your vehicle's oil filter on a regularly scheduled basis can help ensure optimal performance. Refer to your owner's manual for your vehicle's specific filter change intervals.

• Use the recommended grade of oil for your vehicle for the best protection and efficiency.




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