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  • 98% application coverage for GM Vehicles, dating back to 1986.
  • GM-recommended replacement part for your GM vehicle’s original factory component.
  • Offering the quality, reliability, and durability of GM OE.
  • Manufactured to GM OE specification for fit, form, and function.




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ACDelco GM Original Equipment Fuel Pumps

An ACDelco GM Original Equipment Electric Fuel Pump is a GM-recommended replacement for your vehicle’s original components. Most electric fuel pumps use a turbine or gerotor design and are positive displacement pumps. This original equipment fuel pump has been manufactured to fit your GM vehicle, providing the same performance, durability, and service life you expect from General Motors.


Limited Lifetime Warranty*: ACDelco offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on specific service parts. General Motors warrants to the purchaser that it will replace these specific Genuine GM Parts and ACDelco parts for all manufacturer defects in workmanship and manufacturing. Effective on parts purchased April 1, 2018 and later to the original retail purchaser. Contact seller for limited warranty part details, qualifications, and possible labor coverage.

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Do I need to buy a specific version of this pump to fit my particular vehicle?

Yes. Refer to a parts catalog for specific applications.

Are there benefits to replacing my fuel pump with an original equipment fuel pump?

Yes. Original equipment fuel pumps have gone through the same rigorous testing and meet the specifications of the production pump your vehicle was built with.

Will my fuel pump always exhibit warning signs if it is failing?

No. Noise, vibration, exhaust smoke, warning lights, hard starting, stalling, and hesitation can all be signs of a failing fuel pump. However, it is also possible that none of these signs could be present.

Are there ways to test my fuel pump to see if it is performing efficiently?

Yes. Inspecting fuel pressure and/or examining engine data and codes with a scan tool can help determine potential concerns.

Are there preventative measures I can take to help prevent/minimize fuel contamination that could damage my fuel pump?

Yes. It is good practice to refuel with high quality fuel from well known, high volume, trusted fuel stations whenever possible.

Could special tools be required for fuel pump installation?

Yes. Special tools may be required, e.g., a wire connector crimper, fuel pressure gauge, and lock ring removal tool.


• When you replace a fuel pump, it’s important to determine what caused the previous fuel pump to fail. Not diagnosing the problem can lead to more of the same in the future.

• For proper operation and longevity, it is critical to have a clean fuel system. If there are any signs of contamination, follow the manufacturer’s service information to thoroughly clean the fuel system.

• When replacing a fuel pump, you need to check for proper electrical connections, pressure, volume, and current. The specs that don’t measure up require further investigation into the entire fuel system.

• When servicing an electric fuel pump, always replace the strainer. Also, inspect the inline fuel filter for contamination, which could restrict proper fuel flow within the system.

• Maintaining proper fuel levels aids in cooling the pump, which, in turn, adds to its longevity. It’s important to remember that constantly running your vehicle with a near empty fuel tank can cause the pump to fail.



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