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  • High quality seals help keep lift support fluids and gases contained within the strut components, resulting in maximum product life
  • Chromed rod maximizes rust and corrosion resistance for a high quality, longlasting, lift support
  • Rubber O-ring piston seal for controlled lift
  • Heavy gauge steel pressure tube provides long life
  • Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) backup ring helps provide maximumperformance 
  • Patented multi-lobe seal offers maximum leak protection for its life
  • Self-cleaning piston assembly delivers smooth operation and consistent performance


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ACDelco Professional Lift Supports are ideal replacements for your worn out lift support struts. The pressurized, gas charged cylinders feature chromed rods and great seals for a lasting, quality lift support replacement. Each lift support is custom engineered and manufactured to with self-cleaning piston technology and a patented multi-lobe sealing system. ACDelco Professional Lift Supports are easy to install with simple hand tools in just minutes.


Limited Lifetime Warranty*: ACDelco offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on specific service parts. General Motors warrants to the purchaser that it will replace these specific Genuine GM Parts and ACDelco parts for all manufacturer defects in workmanship and manufacturing. Effective on parts purchased April 1, 2018 and later to the original retail purchaser. Contact seller for limited warranty part details, qualifications, and possible labor coverage.

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Is there a certain direction for lift supports to be mounted? (i.e. “shaft up” or “shaft down”?)

Yes. To achieve maximum product performance and service life, it is recommended to mount your lift strut “shaft down”.


Imperfections on the strut rod, which would allow for oil and pressurized gas to escape the strut components, can minimize the overall life of your lift support. To help maximize the service life of your lift support, keep the rod clean and free of nicks:

• Periodically clean the surface of the rod with a dry, soft cloth.
• Do not use oil, silicone, adhesives, or anything that might leave a sticky residue on the rod, which could ultimately attract dust or dirt.
• Avoid anything that could scratch the rod, such as clamps or clips.
• Avoid abrasive household cleaners, as they can scratch the rod as well.


It is recommended to replace your lift supports in pairs to help ensure the performance of the related component, such as your hood, hatchback, or liftgate.




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