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  • Specially formulated with outstanding cleaning agents to remove bug matter and road film without smearing or streaking, while remaining safe for metal, glass, and paint surfaces
  • Excellent cold weather performance – protects against freezing down to -26 degrees Fahrenheit (-32 degrees Celsius) when properly diluted
  • Contains surfactants that limit safety hazards by minimizing oily dirt smears on the windshield
  • Contains lubricants that help windshield wipers glide easily and minimize wear on the wiper blades
  • Contains solvents that clean oily road grime off the windshield
  • Contains water conditioners that optimize cleaning efficiency and helps keep hard water salts -from collecting in the vehicle’s windshield washer fluid reservoir


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ACDelco Optikleen Windshield Washer Solvent is a unique formulation designed for all-season use in vehicle window washer systems. This is a concentrated product that can be diluted to meet your particular freeze protection needs.


Is Optikleen Windshield Washer Solvent available in pre-mixed form?
No, in the United States, Optikleen is only available in concentrated form. This allows ACDelco to meet the many varied freeze point regulations across the country.


Is there an optimal dilution strength for this product?
No, but customers are advised to use the dilution strength mandated by your local government.


Do I need to use specialized cleaning products for my wheels, tires, and other exterior parts every time I wash my vehicle?
Yes, specialized products can help keep your vehicle like new – these products often contain unique materials designed to work on the many surfaces found on the vehicle.


• Special precautions: use with adequate ventilation – vapor is harmful.


• Follow product dilution instructions and product restrictions.


• Even if you are not able to immediately wash your vehicle or vehicle part(s), wipe off dead bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, and other visible contaminants as quickly as possible to minimize damage to the finish.


• It is especially important to keep your vehicle exterior clean in the winter. Abrasive road salts can cause significant rust and corrosion if not cleaned off regularly.


• When washing or cleaning your vehicle or vehicle part(s), do so in a shaded area. If the vehicle or part is hot, soap and other products will dry too quickly, staining the surface and requiring another wash.


• Pre-soak your vehicle or vehicle part(s) to remove heavy contaminants.


• Always rinse your vehicle or vehicle part(s) thoroughly.


• Use a different mitt/sponge/cloth/etc. to clean each part of the vehicle (exterior body, wheels, rims, etc.).




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