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  • Excellent thermal, oxidation, and shear stability and high resistance to foaming and corrosion: resists deposit formation and provides for extended drain intervals
  • Specifically formulated for the manual ZF 6-speed transmission in CK trucks with RPO ML6
  • All-climate fluid provide superior low to high temperature performance


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ACDelco Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid is a high viscosity index synthetic base fluid that provides superior low to high temperature performance. This fluid can be used year-round in all climates. For GM vehicles, this product is specially formulated for the manual ZF 6-speed transmission in CK trucks with RPO ML6.


Can I identify when my transmission fluid should be replaced?
Yes, refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for change frequency and replacement fluid type. Also look for signs of trouble or poor performance which may be a sign that the fluid needs changing.


Is there an average interval between transmission fluid changes?
No, the fluid change interval is highly dependent on your driving patterns. Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual.


Does my transmission fluid need to be changed as regularly as my oil?
No, transmission fluid is designed to last much longer than your motor oil. Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for recommended change intervals.


Are there common causes of transmission fluid contamination?
Yes, most contaminants come from inside the transmission, metal particles and degraded (aged) fluid will most commonly be seen. In extreme cases engine coolant may be present and if so the transmission fluid must be changed immediately.


Are there preventative steps I can take to minimize contamination?
Yes, monitor the appearance of the fluid every six months and know when your next fluid change becomes due. Changing the fluid at the mileage that meets your driving cycle is the best way to minimize contamination.


Can I identify which transmission fluid(s) are applicable/appropriate for my vehicle?
Yes, refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for the specific fluid for your vehicle.


• Use the type of fluid recommended in your vehicle's service or owner's manual.


• Transmission fluid should be replaced when it becomes contaminated.


• Anything but transmission fluid in the transmission is considered a contaminant.


• Typical fluid change intervals for older cars with manual transmissions range from 30,000 to 60,000 miles.


• Under heavy duty use, some transmissions may need their fluid changed at intervals as low as 15,000 miles.


• New vehicles have longer change schedules, check your owner's manual.


• In addition to fluid replacement, it is important to regularly check your transmission fluid level.


• A low transmission fluid level can cause the vehicle to shift improperly or not at all.


• Stay vigilant – warning signs of low transmission fluid may not appear until serious damage has already occurred.




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