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ACDelco Professional Oil Filter

Oil Filter: Professional Oil Filter | ACDelco

ACDelco Professional E Oil Filters are the high quality replacement ideal for many vehicles on the road today. Thermal bonding techniques and non-metallic end caps help improve the overall seal as well as remove wasted media rendered non-functional by adhesives. This premium aftermarket replacement E oil filter is manufactured to meet your expectations for fit, form, and function.


  • The nylon core of the ACDelco Professional Oil filters are engineered with filtration to capture particulates as small as 30 microns.
  • Has a lubricity gasket for reduced installation torque.
  • Has a full cover baseplate for easy installation in blind applications.
  • Has a nylon core for high strength and great flow characteristics.
  • ACDelco Professional Oil Filter nylon core is one and half times stronger than filters with metal cores.
  • Synthetic end caps are ultrasonically welded to help prevent media blocked by adhesives used in traditional filters.



Good Maintenance Practices:

  • Replacing your vehicle's oil filter on a regularly scheduled basis can help ensure optimal performance. Refer to your owner's manual for your vehicle's specific filter change intervals.
  • Use the recommended grade of oil for your vehicle for the best protection and efficiency.


Signs of Wear & Troubleshooting:

Due to a restricted filter, a failed internal bypass, or a failed O-ring seal, these problems may occur:

  • Dark, dirty appearing oil
  • Low oil pressure light turns on
  • External oil leak from the engine



Do ACDelco Oil Filters meet GM OE specifications?

  • Yes, they meet performance requirements as dictated by GM Powertrain engineering.

Do I need a new filter every time I get an oil change?

  • Yes, having your oil and oil filter changed, at least as often as recommended by the manufacturer, is important.

Is there a proper way to recycle oil filters?

  • Yes, drain the oil out of the oil filter and bring the filter to a recycling center that accepts oil filters.



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