• Thermoplastic reinforced separators maximize protection against plate shorting for optimum durability
  • Built-in “Green Eye” hydrometer on certain deep cycle batteries, for quick-glance state of charge monitoring
  • The extreme bond of our reformulated negative paste to help resist flaking to optimize overall performance and life
  • Both positive and negative grids are lead-calcium alloy, to maximize corrosion resistance, and cycle life and minimize water consumption for battery durability
  • Framed Positive Grid is optimized for conductivity, vibration resistance, and offers superior cycling performance
  • Dual 3/8 inch stainless steel stud and SAE post terminals
  • 100% pressure tested to reduce the possibility of future leaks
  • Maintenance Free – no water required and therefore are maintenance free
  • Strong and comfortable handle for easy portability
  • Some ACDelco Gold parts may have formerly appeared as ACDelco Professional  


ACDelco Gold (Professional Voyager) RV and Marine 18 Month Batteries are specifically created for marine cranking applications. They are designed with thinner plates to deliver power quickly. A protective terminal design provides resistance to acid leaks and seepage, keeping terminal posts clean and corrosion-free. Calcium alloy maximizes the battery’s cycle life, and performance, and minimizes water consumption. ACDelco Gold (Professional Voyager) RV and Marine 18 Month Batteries are 100% pressure tested for leak-proof performance. Gold (Professional Voyager) RV and Marine 18 Month batteries are the cranking batteries with the built in toughness to take on the realities of everyday recreational use. Some ACDelco Gold parts may have formerly appeared as ACDelco Professional.


The ACDelco Gold (Professional Voyager) RV and Marine 18 Month Batteries have an 18-month free replacement limited warranty to the original purchaser. Replacement Limited Warranty offers replacement of battery at no cost to the original purchaser. Labor for removal or installation not included. Other limitations apply.


  • Discharged batteries that can be recharged and returned to service.
  • Cost of recharging or for use of rental batteries or vehicles.
  • Labor cost for battery removal and installation.
  • Batteries damaged due to charging system failure, negligence, abuse, accident, improper installation, or freezing.
  • Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, or incidental consequential damages.


Can I determine what the Hours of Usable Power (H.U.P.) is for this battery?
Yes. By determining the ampere draw of each for the accessories in use, Hours of Usable Power (H.U.P.) can be determined. The following information will give the data necessary to be a specialist when talking "marine" and continuous use. Over time H.U.P. will decrease as the battery ages, H.U.P. will also be reduced if the battery does not start at 100% charge. With the ACDelco built in Hydrometer, a user can see the state-of-charge (SOC) but still cannot plan for the hours of useable power.

Can I tell how many Marine Cranking Amps this battery has?
Yes. MCA refers to Marine Cranking Amps, their values are on the top label of the ACDelco Voyager and Voyager II Batteries. MCA equals CA.

Does this RV and marine battery perform well in cold weather?
ACDelco supplies Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) information on the label of the battery. This information is valuable if the use is for something other than marine cranking applications.

Can I store this RV and marine battery without it losing its charge?
This is dependent on ambient temperature. Regardless, ACDelco recommends that a battery’s Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) be checked every 3 months. If the Open Circuit Voltage has fallen to 12.4 volts, ACDelco recommends that the battery be fully recharged. If the battery is fully charged it can easily be stored at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are a Maintenance-Free Battery and a Filler Cap Battery the same type of battery?
No. A filler cap battery requires the addition of water due to the material Antimony being added to the battery grids. Antimony is used to improve recharging times by making the battery more charge receptive. This additive can make the battery gas more than a Calcium (maintenance-free) grid and as a result, water may have to be added to a filler cap battery.

Can I use the "Green Eye" hydrometer to determine the batteries State-of-Charge?
Yes, the Hydrometer (EYE, Green Eye) gives the State-of-Charge (SOC) on one cell and if the eye is ‘Green’ this means that the battery State-of-Charge should be greater than 65%. If the eye is ‘black’ the battery requires recharging. IF THE EYE IS CLEAR, THE ACID LEVEL IS LOW AND THE BATTERY MUST BE REPLACED IMMEDIATELY DO NOT RECHARGE!

Is there a difference between Marine Cranking Amps (MCA) and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)?
Yes, the test for Marine Cranking Amps is done at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the test for Cold Cranking Amps is done at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Recharge battery after each use.
  • Use a taper type charger set at 15.0 volts: For best results, a 10-15 amp taper type charger is recommended to recharge ACDelco Voyager models. Taper chargers help avoid overcharge by reducing the charge rate as the battery nears full charge. Follow instructions provided with the charger.
  • Determine the charging time that will be required. Check the built-in indicator and charge the battery for at least the number of hours shown in the charging table (located in “Charging Instructions” section). If the green ball is not visible in the indicator after charging, tap lightly on top to dislodge trapped air bubbles that might keep the green ball from floating into view. For the most accurate results allow the battery to rest for 12 hours then measure battery voltage, 12.8 volts is fully charged.
  • NOTE: A more definite charging time can be set if an accurate voltmeter is available for reading open circuit voltage.
  • DO NOT leave a battery connected to a battery charger after the battery is fully charged. Inspect battery every 2 hours when charging.
  • Batteries charge more efficiently at 60–80 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn off charger if battery is hot.
  • Keep battery in a cool place when storing for long periods (make sure battery is fully charged – a discharged battery’s electrolyte can freeze).
  • Keep battery terminals clean and free of corrosion. To remove corrosion from terminals use a terminal brush.
  • For maximum battery life where electrical requirements are high, separate starting and running batteries are recommended.


Fully charged ACDelco Batteries (OCV is ≥12.7) should be stored in an upright position at temperatures between 32°F and 70°F. When a battery is stored, a very slow chemical reaction takes place between the plate materials and the electrolyte, causing a slow discharge. This reaction, called a self-discharge, occurs more rapidly at higher temperatures. Therefore, it is not recommended to store next to a furnace or other heat source. If an ACDelco Battery is completely discharged, the electrolyte will freeze when stored below 30°F. To prevent electrolyte freezing and battery damage, do not store ACDelco Batteries below 30°F if their OCV is less than 12.5volts.


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